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Hello, World!

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I've been writing code since I was 16 y.o. and professionally since 2005. I quickly became fascinated with code design problems, data input-processing-output, and the ability to design friendly-easy to navigate user interfaces. So, I started coding in Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 back in 1998. Then, I learned Java, Assembly Language-x86 architecture, PHP, Perl, C++, Scheme, Lisp, and Prolog between 2000 and 2003.

After going back to school at the age of 24 and learning & benchmarking Links (2007) vs. several programming languages and jumping from one company to another, my role changed from Front-End Lead Developer (2009) to WMS Technical Consultant (2011). In 2013, I realized something was missing, something I liked a lot: coding. The same year I started teaching Programming Fundamentals to first-year Computer/Digital-Robotic Systems Engineering students using Python. It was fascinating :)

Time passed, and in 2015, we moved to CA. Since then, I've been away from coding. 

2018 allowed me to shot, develop, get into the darkroom, print 35mm film, and use film & digital cameras in full manual mode.

2020 brought the first year of the pandemic, remote work, photo portfolio revamp, and a 30-something-year mortgage.

2021?: get into cryptocurrency, learn to draw or sketch, learn to skateboard. Enough for a year. The update here is that in early 2021, I got into a mentorship program with David Alan Harvey & Alejandra Martinez. You can see my work here.

Note to myself: It's a beautiful life, oh oh oh oh.



November 1985.
Same month Reagan and Gorbachev meet for the first time.